Directed by James Sims

Written by Gabriella Nieves 

SHADOWS is a short film about two men who are forced to come to terms with a dark moment that forever changed their lives.

Chris Bailey, a loving father and husband is stunned to learn that that Paul Hamilton, the man who killed his younger brother, has been released on parole. Paul, unable to forgive himself for the murder, struggles to connect with his wife and son at home. Tormented by the past, Chris sets out to confront Paul face to face. Inspired by true events, “SHADOWS” is a story of regret and second chances.


Ethan McCue - Jacob       Henry Millier - Officer Clark       Caleb Richards - Will     Christian Richards - Carter


      Director James A Sims      Screenwriter Gabriella Nieves Producers Jenna Sims    James A Sims
                           Associate Producer Matt Thalin   Director of Photography Jon Nyquist       Composer Matt Thalin                                   Sound Mixer William Caleb Parker       Production Assistant Nate Scott        Boom Operator Jeff Shelton


production stills