Hi, I'm James A. Sims, and for as long as I can remember, I've wanted to make movies. As a child, I would use my grandmother's VHS camcorder to film my own Power Rangers and Star Trek movies. Fascinated with visual effects, I continuously read special effects books to learn the how-to behind films such as Superman: The Movie and Star Wars.  

Growing up in Las Vegas as a straight-A student-athlete gave me the opportunity to earn a full-ride scholarship to the University of Washington for both football and track and field. 

After taking a horror film class, I decided to become a film major and began making short films with teammates and drama classmates. 

I graduated and went on to play football with the New York Giants the year before Superbowl XLII... but I'm not bitter.


When I'm not behind the camera, I work on various films and television series in production at Sony Pictures Studios.

I currently reside in Los Angeles with my wife, Jenna, and our four children.