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Based on the comic mini-series, ODD is a short film about a once-defunct secret government organization and its paranormal encounters.


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Adapted from the critically acclaimed 2008 comic-book miniseries The ODD Squad, created by Nick Capetanakis & Todd Livingston, ODD follows a group of misfits as they investigate marginalized cases involving paranormal incidents. As the head of the Office of Dimensional Defense (ODD), tenacious and quirky Charlotte Springs enlists the help of the world's foremost experts in all things supernatural to join her team. However … they’re not available. When the best she can get is a geeky blogger, a smarmy mentalist, and her flaky younger sister, she faces some stiff odds—and a powerful cabal that doesn’t want the truth exposed.


The ODD short film serves as an introduction to Charlotte Springs (imagine if Fox Mulder and Lorelei Gilmore had a daughter together) and her team: Frank Flood, a skeptical FBI agent who’s forced to work under her; Richard, a nerdy teacher’s assistant whose main qualification is that he has the keys to every lab at MIT; Christopher Apollo, the Reno-famous mentalist; and Cindy, the team wild card and Charlotte’s younger sister.

The short and its world will be contained but will give the sense of the much larger world that will be explored in a feature film or series.

Storyboards for the Short Film

Storyboards for the Short Film

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A HUGE thank you to the below financial backers who donated to make this project possible:

Stacie Willard | Rob Willard | Chris Singleton

Brittany Singleton | Cameron Moeller | Ericka Moeller

Nathaniel Polky | Darien Sills-Evans | Damien LeVeck

Natalie LeVeck | Gabriella Thalin| MaryBeth Hamada

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X Dean Lim | Alana Murray|Karlan Talkington

Tony Shen | Jenni Shen

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